Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yep, I'm doing it

I've not posted but one look into my week and a half of two weeks vacation. Earlier, I posted one reason why (working our backsides of on doing repairs on our house 8 hours each day in the boiling Texas weather) and now this:

I am sure for anyone new seeing my blog that you might be taken aback a little! but I just thought to myself, why not? With the lovely fun bits comes the maintenance.

However, who wants to see a "regular" photo of a mask I had to wear for 10 hours on Monday? No one. So I made it arty. : )

It's called a Melanage mask. After Monday, my face felt tight and leathery and well now, I've been peeling since yesterday and am now half reptilian! It should reveal brand new baby skin in the end so it should be worth it!

When I return to normalcy let's say within a week, I will be sharing some wonderful looks using Kiss My Sass Cosmetics and I cannot wait to share swatches and reviews as well!



  1. Pic looks creepy lol

  2. Ha! I couldn't agree with you more! ; )