Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wicked Love

Hi All!

Finally had a chance to get this darker look done with amazingly beautiful products by Kiss My Sass Cosmetics!

Please have a look at her site here:

As usual, I was super impressed with the quality in these pigments. There always seems to be a little hint of beautiful sparkle in each of her pigments! 

Each of these colors go on so nicely and always deliver.

I have to say that I very much love Get Ur Freak On. The color is a blue green but dark yet reflective and so very unusual. I definitely recommend giving this one a go!

J'Adore Lip Glaze is a wonderful neutral color with very slight purple undertones and is so creamy as well. This will definitely be a new go-to neutral for me!

Products used:

Revlon Photoready Foundation in Cool Beige
Chanel Professional Eyeshadow Base
Coty Loose Powder in Honey Beige
Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow Pigment in Champagne
Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow Pigment in Coral Skies
Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow Pigment in Nigh Elf
Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow Pigment in Get Ur Freak On
Kiss My Sass Eyeshadow Blush in Sunkissed
Kiss My Sass Lip Glaze in J'Adore

Paula Dorf 2 + 1 for Brows in Brunette

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